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Pay Per Click Advertising

What is Pay per Click advertising?

Pay per click is the broad term for the paid adverts which appear highly in selected areas of the search engines. (Areas marked in red in image below) You pay the search engines a determined fee every time that advert is clicked. The determined fee is selected by the keywords which you have selected. Keywords are generally the words which describe your products and services. E.g. if you sold handbags online your possible keys would be “designer handbags, discount handbags”. So every time a customer searches for “designer handbags” your advert and website address should in theory appear highly in the search engines. But there are also other factors which will affect the search for instance how well optimised your website is, your quality score and the relevance of the keywords. Pay per click can be very effective as you are targeting customers who are searching for your particular product or service.

What are Google’s Adwords?

Google’s pay per click advertising system is called “AdWords” and is one of the more popular pay per click systems. Google AdWords is their biggest source of revenue and is highly competitive market. Google AdWords are usually the 3 ads in the light yellow or pink box at top of the page and the ads down the right side when you perform a search. The amount you pay for keywords and phrases is generally from $0.01 -$4 with the more expensive ones being insurance, loans and mortgage. But you would only pay Google the determined amount when a browser clicks on your ad and goes through to the selected webpage. You can select a daily budget of how much you are willing to spend that day and pause it anytime if you wish. Google AdWords system can vastly increase quality traffic to your website as you are targeting specific people who are already searching for the kind of products and services which you are offering. A great feature is that you can choose a particular geographical area to target and once you have started a campaign on Google the effects are almost immediate.

Creating effective Pay per Click

Creating an effective Pay per Click campaign can be a very complex, time consuming operation and you can quickly spend your advertising budget in very short period of time if you don’t know what you are doing. At iTarget we have extensive experience in this field and have run numerous pay per click advertising campaigns for clients. Those campaigns have been extremely effective and have seen vast increases in traffic to the websites. We have several Pay per click plans available to clients but we also tailor packages to individual needs. We will manage your campaign from the very start and keep it going for as long the customer wishes.

Managing Pay per click campaigns

With all the plans we measure stats, impressions, clicks and click through rates. We monitor keywords that are working for you and which are keywords are not working. We give detailed monthly reports on how your campaigns are going. We will tweek campaigns to increase results and get regular traffic. We do this by improving keywords and monitoring competitors. We will advise on increasing, decreasing budget and optimise your campaigns towards the most effective ad placements. We advise on changing market conditions and react to shifts in your customers’ behaviour. With all our clients we want to help you drive quality traffic to your site and increase sales.

Contact our team today to find how pay per click can grow your business.

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