Basic Coding Errors Affect Your SEO

Basic Coding Errors Affect Your SEO

Ensure that your site has no basic coding errors

If your site has basic coding errors it will affect your SEO efforts and your sites position in the SERP’s. Users will also get annoyed by errors on your site. You want to make the user experience as pleasant as possible and encourage users to return. You don’t want customers to leave your site or get annoyed and you should try to get customers to take an action on your website.


Broken links can be very frustrating to a user and are also disliked by the search engine crawlers. If a 404 error is displayed this means the page can not be found or the page is not working correctly.


Also ensure that images are displaying correctly and are working across all the browsers. All the text should obviously display correctly and be readable. If text is not displaying correctly (example: text is running over images or is over lapping other text).


There maybe some very complex coding issues which need addressing with your site or they maybe be just a few simple tweets which need adjusting.


The goal of your site is for the user to navigate your site as easily as possible and for your site to be displayed in search engine results pages as efficiently as possible.


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