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Increase conversions on your website

Is your website converting browsers to buyers? Websites worldwide get millions of visits everyday but few turn that traffic into conversions, leads and finally sales. You need to make the most of all the traffic coming to your website and make the whole experience pleasant for the user. Your webpages need to be clear, well presented and easy to use. Don’t bombard the customer with advertising banners, flashing offers and specials. This will deter customers and can be off putting. Display the information the customer will be most interested in. You don’t want a customer to have to search through the site for particular information. Remember there is millions of other sites just a click away so you don’t want to lose that browser.

Making your site efficient is key to turning browsers to buyers. How many times have you left a site cause of loading time or that you can’t find what you are looking for? You should look to make your efficient as possible from the first moment your sites found in a search engine through the final sale.

Everyone likes a bargain but putting voucher code box at the checkout stage can actually lose sales as some customers will think that others are getting a better deal!

The checkout process is ultimately the sale.

The customer has come this far you don’t want to lose them at the last hurdle. You want this to be a smooth process try to have as little stages as possible. Ideally have your checkout page hosted on a secure page to give customers confidence in buying and protect against fraudsters.  Summarise their order with all the information before the purchase. You want the customer to shop in complete confidence and finally enjoy the whole process.

You could be losing hundreds of potential clients to your competitors! Are you converting enough browsers to buyers? Contact us today.

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