Online Video Promotion

Online Video Promotion

Promote brand awareness and get more traffic to your site.

Online video promotion is becoming more and more popular, especially with rise of social media sites such as you tube and Facebook being able to share the videos. Videos are fantastic promotional devices for companies and can work alongside current promotional material.

There many different avenues you can go down when producing a video for a website, you may want video showing how to use a product or a testimonial from a satisfied customer. This form of testimonial can be very effective, reassuring and believable, as there are thousands of written testimonials on the internet some not so believable!

Videos which target specific audiences with tips and advice help to promote your brand awareness as well as help drive traffic to your website. Videos are a lot more engaging than pages of text. Viewers can see you face to face, get a feel for the company and there are endless possibilities to online videos. But you must always consider the viewer and again videos must be interesting. You want viewers to remember to your video, share it or get them to your site. Online video advertising a similar to tv advertising but the differences being the audience is targeted, they are searching for you and it is a lot cheaper!

Viral Videos

Viral videos are videos which become popular very quickly through sharing over the internet content is often humorous, extraordinary or unique. An advertisers dream is have a video “go viral” which is someway related back to their product or service they are advertising.

When uploading a video to you tube or your site you must optimise the description using keywords which is great for getting your webpage ranking higher in search results. Using videos with additional online marketing methods can be very effective in driving quality traffic to your site.

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