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Online Lead Generation

There are various forms of online lead generation, the potential is massive, think of it this way 2 billion people use the internet every single day and over 80% of adults use social media sites every day!  Imagine being able to attract just a small percentage of them, the opportunities are endless, you should focus on these opportunities if you want your business to grow. Your main goal is attracting more customers to your website and ultimately getting a sale in some form or another. Here are 5 quick tips to attract new customers to your site:


Research keywords relevant to your market, think about your customers, imagine what words and phrases they would use to search for your business. Keyword rich copy will help your site in the natural search.

Optimised content

Each page should be optimised with specific keywords and should be submitted to article directories. Any posts you create should be linked back to your site. Content should read easily both for the users and search engine crawlers.


Properly structured links on authority sites in your market point back to your site. Good links will help you achieve higher rankings in the SERP’s. Paid links can do your site more harm than good! Links from authoritative sites are the most valuable.


Video has become an effective way to attract the attention of your target audience. Video marketing can travel via other websites, blogs, social media and be viewed on mobiles. Content is important but there are many different avenues you can go down when producing a video, you may decide to use comedy or you may want an informative video.

Social media

With social media you can gather many followers and reach the audience instantly. Social media activity now shows up in the search results.

Lead capture

Capturing data is very important and is essential for growing your customer/lead database. Build your database for future marketing campaigns and the more data you collect the better. Basically data is power and this data you capture will be vital to your business. Remember every lead is a potential customer. You must have some sort of lead capture mechanism on your website. Here are  lead capture methods:


If your sites content is engaging and relevant users will more than likely wish to receive additional information from you.  A Lead capture form should appear on every page of a site, giving the users the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter.


Blogs give people the chance to sign up to your rss feed. With blogs the information is pushed to them so it needs to be relevant, fresh and well written in order to keep subscribers interested. Comment on blogs related to your industry and link them to your site.

Landing pages

Landing pages are specific pages viewed by people in response to some sort of advertising (email, ppc advert etc.) Offer some sort of incentive in exchange for customer’s details e.g. free report, seminar or video.


Writing and posting articles is a great way to showcase your expertise and can be effective for lead capture by simple putting links to your specific landing pages where you can capture user’s details.

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