Marketing A Law Website

Marketing A Law Website

It is essential that every business has some sort of web presence and markets their site. The internet has revolutionised the way we do business and communicate. Your web presence will be judged by potential clients and if your website cannot be found on the internet it can be considered to be very unprofessional.

Website design

An attractive, professional and useable website is essential for a law firm. Your site must be accessible over all platforms especially with more and more people accessing the internet with their mobile phones. Our web design team are highly skilled in creating great looking websites which work!

Monitoring traffic

Web traffic should be monitored very closely to see the effectiveness of your online marketing. The more detailed the information the better. Monitoring traffic will give you stats to determine exactly which marketing techniques are working and which need improving. At iTarget we give you detailed stats, a breakdown of were all your traffic is coming from and how to improve results.

Legal Directories

Listing with Legal directories is excellent for promoting your firm, getting quality traffic and increasing your page rank. We have experience in dealing with law firms and we understand where to post your profile in the specialised legal directories.

Writing Legal Articles online

Publishing legal articles shows that you are a respected voice within your field of expertise especially if the article is published on a third party site. We can help you get third party links. You may already have material which you can use, we can take this material and optimise it for the web.

Blogs for lawyers

The great thing about blogs is that it keeps your content fresh and you can add a personal touch. Once your blog is set up its straight forward to add content. It’s a good idea to encourage colleagues to add to your blog or even guest bloggers.

Google places

Is very effective for local law firms being found on Google’s search and can generate a fair amount of traffic for your firm if the listing is effectively optimised and linked with your overhaul online strategy.

Pay Per Click advertising

Pay per clicks adverts can be highly effective to market your firm but if you are not targeting the correct keywords you can easily waste your money. If a pay per click campaign is set up correctly it can be very effective, drive relevant traffic to your website and get a good return of investment.

Social media for law firms

Social media sites are becoming ever more popular and can be used for promoting your firms. The majority of businesses and companies are active on one or more of the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin) Social media sites give you the opportunity to connect with users on a personal level and interact with them.

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