Websites For Law Firms

Websites for Law Firms

When it comes to websites for Law Firms, the majority have some sort of web presence even the more traditional firms but for such I highly skilled industry the websites do not often reflect the firms.

Lawyers are providing a service. You will need to convince potential clients that you are an expert in your particular field of law and gain the trust of your visitors. You need to provide the information a potential client will be looking for. You need to tell them you can serve their needs. You need to make it as clear as possible and ensure it is easy for them get in contact with you.

There can be a lot of competition out there, but some firms are not taking full advantage of the internet and their websites. The website must sell your firm, establish you as expert and convince potential clients to come to you rather than your competition.

The Content for law websites

Content must be well written, provide plenty of information and be organised. Users want to find information quickly and if a user cannot find useful information they will quickly leave. Huge amounts of unorganised information will put users off. Content needs to be effectively written and to the point. Content must service the needs of the user and web crawls. If you are writing the content consider the user and the language they will understand.

The Design

The overall design of the website must reflect the image of the firm. You probably want to portray an image of being professional, friendly and approachable. You need to present your services clearly and the goal of your website is for the user to take action e.g. request more information or make an appointment.  The customer experience should be a primary consideration. The design needs to attract the customer’s attention and be visually engaging but not detract them from the content. Menu’s and page need to clearly set out and have relevant pages names, titles and sub menu’s.

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