Facebook is imperative to your web presence

Facebook is one of the internets most recognised brands and is continually growing and evolving as a digital marketing tool. With Facebook businesses pages you can include everything from contact information to the latest offers  and promotions. A great way to drive fans to your page and to get users to like your fan page  is to create competitions or giveaways.

Our Facebook marketing services have been designed to increase your brand awareness, bolster your online presence and encourage traffic to your website. Everyone will have slightly different needs and expectations from Facebook advertising. What we can do for you:

– Create and setup your Facebook account

– Integrate your Facebook page with relevant businesses, services and products in specified industry.

– Find targeted fans for your page

– Creating Updates and Promotions

– Find Existing customers on Facebook

– Help you build up relationships

– Posting links and icons on website

Facebook has over 900 million users world and many logging on everyday. We can help you tap into this incredible resource of potential customers, contact Facebook specialists today and Facebook pages will also show up in Google’s search results.

Facebook offers pay per click services

Facebook now offers pay per click adverts where you can potentially connect with over 900 million customers!

The adverts on Facebook are targeted to specific demographics. Have you notice that for instance if you have your status as “single” the ads displayed will be for dating sites or for health cover for singles! If your status is “engaged” the ads displayed targeting you would be for possible wedding venues, bridal dressers or flowers. You can target customers’ likes and interests such as “sports” or “football” perfect if you are a business selling football shirts. So putting an advert directly in customers faces they are unlikely to ignore it and even if they do customers will subconsciously remember your advert or branding. But adverts still need to be engaging and attractive to potential customers or they will still be ignored.

  • Facebook pay per click adverts can work alone as a advertising strategy or can work in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies. We will make your ads engaging, interesting and we will also manage your pay per click Facebook campaigns, review ads effectiveness, alter campaigns accordingly to get the best results.

Contact us today to find out more about Facebook pay per click.

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