What are Keywords?

Keywords are targeted words which appear naturally throughout the content of your site. They are generally the words and phrases which a user would search for in the SERP’s when searching for a particular product or service. For instance if a user was searching for a business like ours in Sydney, they would probably type “SEO company Sydney”. SEO would be one of our particular keywords.

Search engines primarily rely on text for web searches and look at your web pages to find out the relevance of your site to search terms. Although setting up pictures, graphics, video and animation correctly on your site is important search engines focus more on the written content and layout of your site when it comes to ranking your site.

• A well thought out site with good content and good keyword placement will get a higher ranking on search engines.
• A good website uses relevant words and language that people are using to search.

We work with our clients and get them start thinking like their target market and we prepare keyword lists that relate to the products or services that they offer.
An analysis is made of the keyword relevance, usability, surrounding content to a site, the prominence of the keywords and importantly competition. Good keyword research will help your business increase it’s visibility online.

After an analysis of these words it is important to set up the website and incorporate articles and other content containing this information that the target audience is using, to search for business and the services and products that our clients provide. This gives our clients a higher ranking and a better chance of being found by their target audience.

“Keyword placement is a delicate art that should be maintained on an ongoing basis to ensure your sites pages are ranked high for relevance.”

The aim is to have our client’s website pages come up on the first page of search engines when searches are made. Otherwise the website just won’t get any web traffic.

When did you last give thought to your keyword strategy? Contact us today.

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