Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Your online reputation is very important and can have a positive and negative impact on your business. It comprises:

– Building your online reputation

– Maintaining your online reputation

– Monitoring your online reputation

– Recovering your online reputation; reacting to any issues you face to your online reputation.

The greater your online presence the more susceptible you are to both praise and criticism. You obviously don’t want negative criticism and you should do your best to combat this before it tarnishes your online reputation. Disgruntled customers can use the internet to broadcast their negative criticism on blogs, online forums and social media sites. You want to nip any negative criticism in the bud as soon as possible but obviously prevention is better than cure!

Online annoyances

One of the main reasons a customer is likely to voice any annoyances is lack of customer service. Ensure your customers are taken care of properly. If customers are ordering online you want to make this process clear and as simple as possible.  You don’t want to frustrate the customer before they have even received their product or service. Contact pages should be easily found and include all your details; customer service email, phone number, address etc. Question and answer pages can also be helpful. Page load time and 404 errors will aggravate potential customers. Also all disclaimers and return policies should be clear and well presented. By implementing these processes you can avoid bad reviews.

If bad reviews start to circulate online about your business they can begin to dominate your company’s Google and other search engine results! Claiming identities on Facebook, Lindedin, Twitter, Google+ and local review sites Yahoo Local, City Search and Google Places can help combat this. You don’t want negative information to disrupt your site being show in highly in search engines!

Respond in a positive manner and address the issue

If negative criticism is circulated online you must respond to it in a positive manner and address the issue as soon as possible. Negative reviews and criticism can cost businesses millions of dollars and turn current and potential customers to your competitors!

A good reputation management service ensures that the information about your business or organisation is accessible to the public online as well as through traditional outlets and is accurate, up-to-date and authentic. Tracking and reporting is conducted through statistical analysis of thousands of data points from interactions that include business relationships, communications, social media, public relations and other areas.

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