The benefits of Twitter marketing

Twitter is a real-time social network site that connects you to the latest stories, opinions, ideas, news and anything you find interesting. Users locate accounts they find most compelling and follow the conversations.

Unlike Facebook, where some profiles are hidden, twitter messages can be view by anyone and anyone can subscribe. Twitter interacts with people with small bursts of information called “tweets”. These tweets can be up to 140 characters in length, but you can also incorporate photo’s, video’s and conversations.

These days companies in many different sectors from banks to coffee shops have twitter accounts with huge followings. For example Starbucks has 2.3 million followers and the following is constantly growing.

Twitter is another tool in your digital marketing arsenal allowing you to communicate and build relationships with your prospects and current customers. With mobile apps people can view these tweets anytime and place.

Value your followers. Make interesting & relevant tweets

There are companies which offer solutions where you can buy followers but how valuable are these followers to your business. Quality followings are not going to happen overnight. You want to expose your business to the right people.

When tweeting information it must be relevant, easy to read and you must not exhaust your twitter account by over tweeting!

You want to get your followers to talk about your business, comment on tweets and share tweets. We have a range of innovative twitter marketing techniques to get your business talked about by social media users.

Expand your social media marketing with Twitter

Our in depth knowledge of social media and Twitter marketing techniques can vastly improve our client’s digital presence, social media status and encourage quality traffic. This is how we would go about our twitter marketing:

  • Develop Twitter Marketing strategy integrated with any other digital strategies
  • Research competitor tweets
  • Design Profile to reflect your business and brand
  • Target Twitter fans with similar interests
  • Create engaging and interesting tweets around industry, market and brands
  • Analyze performance

Don’t forget Twitter!

Twitter along with other social media sites can vastly improve hits to your website along with building your brand and business. We have a team of experience social media experts on hand to help you. Contact us today and we can talk you through our different twitter and other social media packages available.

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