Copy Writing

Copy Writing

Content is king

Website copy (the written content of your site) is fundamental to a good website. Good content is going to attract your target audience to your site, keep them their longer and will give your website a good placement on search results with search engines. Copy needs to satisfy both the online consumer and the search engine crawlers. Content should be unique to your industry. If your content is written correctly your site will be in the best position to reach customers and turn quality traffic to sales and increasing conversions on your site.

Copy writing for Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation copy writing is the technique of writing the main copy for a web page and will make a massive difference in the organic search listings if copy is well written and optimised.

– Copy must read well for the user

– Informative

– Relevant for the business

– Target specific keywords and phrases

– A right balance of key density and volume

– Eye catching, interesting headings & sub headings

– Appropriate for the crawlers

For a successful digital marketing strategy and website you must have well written, unique, highly relevant content.

Good SEO copy writing can vastly improve your rankings on organic search listings. Typically consumers will just scan a page looking for the relevant information and are not likely to stay on a page longer than a minute. This is why you must have interesting, attention grabbing headlines, titles, sub headers and relevant information. Spiders (computer programs which crawl through webpages) evaluate websites according to current algorithm and pages will be indexed and ranked.

Most business don’t spend enough time writing or maintaining good copy on their sites, because they neglect it, don’t prioritise it or are just “too busy” for it. If your business falls into either of these categories it’s time you thought about getting a professional copywriter.

Copy needs to satisfy both the online consumer and the search engine crawlers”

At iTarget we would analyse the business, competitors, business proposition, target market, keywords, business goals and so on. Copy would be written by one of our in-house SEO copy writing experts or we liaise with experts from our clients industry to write and prepare high quality copy applicable for the website. Copy will be written in a manner suited to a particular target market and appropriate to the industry.

When writing website copy you must consider the audience. As they may be very different from the person writing the copy for website. An example of this is a criminal lawyer. The lawyer is obviously going to be a very intelligent person and will have the skills to write an article and copy in their field of expertise. But they are possibly going to be very different from their client who may be searching the web for a lawyer! This is why there is a skill to copy writing and as mentioned there many factors involved.

To find out more about copy writing or if you want quality well written content contact us today

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