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Copy Writing

Copy Writing Content is king Website copy (the written content of your site) is fundamental to a good website. Good content is going to attract your target audience to your site, keep them their longer and will give your website a good placement on search results with search engines. Copy needs to satisfy both the […]
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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems Why should your business be using a CMS? If you still rely on your web developer to do updates to your website or worse still have not updated your website since it was developed, then you should seriously consider redeveloping your site on a good CMS system. A good CMS (Content Management […]
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Website Development Solutions

Website Development Solutions At iTarget we have a range of website development solutions available for any business to get the most from their website. The majority of websites out there can be improved and refined in one way or another. We are not saying our website is perfect, we are always improving and looking for […]
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Web Design

Web Design Website designs tailored to your needs All our sites are built to the highest standard and tailored towards your products and services. Your website is basically the face of your business online. Our Graphic design team work with our clients to develop the look and feel of the site. We can basically do […]
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Landing Pages

Landing Pages Your landing page must be appealing enough to potential and current customers to close the deal. Ads drive your customers to your site but if you cannot close the deal on the site then you are wasting your money on advertising! Landing pages should also be specifically keyword heavy as you want your […]
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Reputation Management

Reputation Management Reputation Management Your online reputation is very important and can have a positive and negative impact on your business. It comprises: – Building your online reputation – Maintaining your online reputation – Monitoring your online reputation – Recovering your online reputation; reacting to any issues you face to your online reputation. The greater […]
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Pinterest Use Pinterest to generate interest! Pinterest is a visually oriented social networking tool. Pinterest was designed for sharing interesting images, events and hobbies but it can also be used as a creative way to promote your business and products. Users can comment, like and repin images. Pinterest’s mission statement is “connect everyone in the […]
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Linkedin Linkedin can help you grow your business Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network helping people find and share opportunities every day. Linkedin members can stay in the loop on your company, products & services and business opportunities. Using Linkedin you can also post company updates, articles and job opportunities which not only show […]
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Google +

Google Plus What is Google Plus? Google plus is relatively new to the social media scene. It allows you to connect and interact with people similar to Facebook but main difference is that you assign people to different circles which allows you to just connect with them. For instance you might create a circle of […]
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Facebook Facebook is imperative to your web presence Facebook is one of the internets most recognised brands and is continually growing and evolving as a digital marketing tool. With Facebook businesses pages you can include everything from contact information to the latest offers  and promotions. A great way to drive fans to your page and […]
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