Facebook Fans And Likes

Facebook Fans And Likes

Targeted friends and fans

Effective digital marketing solutions are not easy to find especially within social media. There are services which allow you buy thousands of friends and fans within a short period of time. These are often non targeted Facebook friends/fans and are pretty pointless. Our aim is to drive quality traffic to our Facebook page and website. Your Facebook page must be interesting to your audience, have regular updates, posts, images, videos and try to engage with the audience.

  • Quality over Quantity – Would you rather have 1000 non interested fans or 200 quality interested fans?
  • Genuine Facebook users – If you suddenly gain massive amounts of fans, it can appear suspicious to other existing fans. There are many fake accounts out there too.
  • Friend and Fan retention – Targeted friends and fans are most important with similar interests. You must try and keep a good relationship with this audience, as they are more likely to be converted into sales and leads.
  • Interaction – Industry specific Facebook fans gained by good marketing are more likely to interact with you if you, if they are interested in your product or service.

Buying random fans does not generate leads, interest or sales. We can offer you a tailored social media package providing you with effective social media marketing solutions. Contact our Social media team today.

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