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Facebook Facebook is imperative to your web presence Facebook is one of the internets most recognised brands and is continually growing and evolving as a digital marketing tool. With Facebook businesses pages you can include everything from contact information to the latest offers  and promotions. A great way to drive fans to your page and […]
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Twitter The benefits of Twitter marketing Twitter is a real-time social network site that connects you to the latest stories, opinions, ideas, news and anything you find interesting. Users locate accounts they find most compelling and follow the conversations. Unlike Facebook, where some profiles are hidden, twitter messages can be view by anyone and anyone […]
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Keywords What are Keywords? Keywords are targeted words which appear naturally throughout the content of your site. They are generally the words and phrases which a user would search for in the SERP’s when searching for a particular product or service. For instance if a user was searching for a business like ours in Sydney, […]
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Google Places

Google Places How can Google Places help you? Google Places are another avenue available to advertise your business, connect with local companies and customers. You can highlight special promotions and offers integrated with your digital marketing campaign. Google Places will also show up in the Google search and display the location of your business helping […]
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Websites For Law Firms

Websites for Law Firms When it comes to websites for Law Firms, the majority have some sort of web presence even the more traditional firms but for such I highly skilled industry the websites do not often reflect the firms. Lawyers are providing a service. You will need to convince potential clients that you are […]
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Marketing A Law Website

Marketing A Law Website It is essential that every business has some sort of web presence and markets their site. The internet has revolutionised the way we do business and communicate. Your web presence will be judged by potential clients and if your website cannot be found on the internet it can be considered to […]
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Marketing Measurements

Marketing Measurements At iTarget we have many different methods and means in which we can manage, track and review all the marketing campaigns which we run. We closely monitor all our clients websites, advise on trends and fluctuations in traffic. We can give detailed stats and reports if clients wish on the progress of campaigns. […]
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Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation There are various forms of online lead generation, the potential is massive, think of it this way 2 billion people use the internet every single day and over 80% of adults use social media sites every day!  Imagine being able to attract just a small percentage of them, the opportunities are endless, […]
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Internet Marketing For Law Firms

Max Huber was born in Switzerland in 1919. At the age of 17 Huber registered at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts, where Ernst Gubler, Gottlieb Wehrli, Heinri MŸller, Walter Roshardt, Otto Weber and Alfred Willimann were teachers. Williman suggested Huber should spend time in the school library.
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Online Video Promotion

There was a time when marketers used things like urgency, scarcity and FOMO to drive online shoppers to a sale. But scare tactics can actually hurt a brand’s relationships with customers. By their very nature, we run into similar problems with shipping and inventory alerts. That said, there are ways that web designers.
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